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19 Things for 2019

I’ve been living in my apartment for over a year and ever since the very first day I moved in, I have wanted to hang our ‘scratch-a-map’ world map on the wall. (It’s a world map where you scratch off the cities and countries you’ve been to like a scratchie, and it reveals the place underneath ‒ yes, it is as cool as it sounds.) But is that map on the wall? No. Why? Because I never get it done. I always claim to have no time. I somehow manage to re-watch Sex and the City from start to finish in one weekend, and yet the ‘scratch-a-map’ remains in its tube.

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How to make sure you actually Do The Work

Sarah Thompson is a communications professional, former journalist and passionate writer. Her "why" is to help values-driven, contributive brands, businesses and people tell their story to the world. You can follow her blog @herostory_

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How to Find The Right Planner to Suit All Your Needs

Finding the right planner that suits your own unique needs and busy schedule can be a challenge, which is why we've created a variety of weekly spreads with something in store for everybody to kick ass in 2019. The 2019 Soft Cover Diary $29.95 Perfect for: those who love using their...

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9 Reasons To Chase Your Dreams

As a kid, we have these outlandish dreams where nothing seems impossible. Want to become an astronaut? Sure. Want to go to Disneyland? Not a problem. Want to be a famous football player? Of course you can.
But as we grow up into responsible adults with jobs and mortgages, rather than chasing our dreams we put them in the too hard basket and just do nothing.
It’s easy to just get sucked into the daily grind of the 9-5 and go about your days and weeks in the comfortable zone. But soon, you’ll realise that you only get one life so wishing your time away in a job you hate and dreading getting out of bed in the morning is such a waste

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5 easy steps to become a GOAL DIGGER

With so much information in this day and age, it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed. We've got things like Social Media, TV and Hollywood Movies showing you all the things you WANT but leave you wondering how to get there. 

Before we know it, we become so obsessed with the output that we completely forget about the input. 

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