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Day 1: It’s time to review your goals! 

Change starts with you and whatever your goals are, whether it’s personal or professional - we want to help you achieve your dreams, one day at a time. Challenge yourself and for the next 7 days allocate 45mins to an hour each day to spend on bettering yourself and going through the days activities.

Sometimes you need to look back to move forward. For day 1 we want you to do a review of 2020 so far. Set aside 30-45 minutes and reflect on the goals that you had at the start of the year and assess whether or not they inspire you - if not, drop them. Have a think of what you want to achieve for the rest of this year and swap your boring goals for more exciting ones that will drive you to do your best.

Next steps: 

  • Jot down your top three wins in the first half of the year
  • Look at your current goals’ progress and rate each out of 10
  • Ask yourself how you’re feeling about each goal and whether or not it is still important to you

Day 2: What’s the big picture? 

Don’t underestimate the power of visualisation. Vision boards are great because they allow you to see and be reminded of your goals and ideal life. Don’t rush this part, allocate 90 minutes to research, cut out or print inspiring quotes and images, theme it accordingly (you can focus on multiple areas of your life e.g. career, relationships, health and fitness, etc) and really feel the vibe - be comfortable with knowing what you want and don’t want. It’s time to reflect and project the life you want. 

Once you’re finished, hang it in a spot where you can see it and look to it multiple times a day to remind yourself of your ultimate vision. 

Day 3: It’s time to re-focus 

We’ve done the reflection and now, it’s time to re-focus. For the next 45 minutes, we want you to start setting up your goals again and creating a plan of attack. We need confirm the goals you set at the beginning of the year are still the ones that matter most or if they don't we need to set some new goals.

Next steps: 

  • Braindump all of your current and new goals for the next six months
  • Choose only the three key goals to focus on / The ones that are most excited about and mean the most to you 
  • Re-write these goals in detail and jot down your plan of attack (ask yourself and really get clear on the why, when, how and feeling you are chasing for each of the 3 goals)

Day 4: Hone your routine

Goals are set and now, it’s time to work on your routine. For day 4, spend 45minutes defining your perfect week based on the goals you have just set

Next steps: 

  • Write down what your perfect week looks like from AM-PM 
  • Get clear on your non-negotiables 
  • Build your toolkit for success e.g. apps, notebooks, technology, to help you keep your routine front of mind and actions related to progressing you towards your goals. 

Day 5: Tell someone who cares / Build your tribe

It’s been a challenging year for many and what has helped us get through it has been the strength of our relationships. When it comes to setting your goals and achieving them, it’s important to build a team. Even though the majority of us are working from home, you can still book in regular catch-ups via video, text or a call with the people in your network who can help you stay on track with your goals. Think of them as your personal cheerleaders - when you’re feeling down, lost or unmotivated, they are your go-to people who you trust enough to share your struggles with and get some good advice to stay on track. 

Day 6: Find joy in your journey 

Life is short, enjoy the journey to achieving your goals. There will be a few bumps along the way but with the support of your network and your passion to achieve - you will find the joy and motivation to live each day with intention and purpose. It starts with gratitude and we recommend practising it, every day. Gratitude comes in many forms - whether it’s nurturing your relationships to seeing the positive, giving genuine comments and starting a gratitude journal - it doesn’t just feel good, it can transform your life. 

Next steps: 

  • Practice daily gratitude – list three things you’re grateful for at the start and/or end of each day
  • Create a LFT (look forward to) list each morning for the day ahead. 

Day 7: Let’s start with a bang #GSD

We hope you’re feeling inspired, motivated and excited to smash out the rest of 2020! Now, here’s our challenge for today: it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Are you ready?

Next steps: 

  • Schedule in three activities for the next 3 days that are out of your comfort zone
  • Now.... face your fears and Just do it
  • Share this with your network and be proud of what you’ve accomplished
  • Repeat often, the more we can step out of our comfort zones the more confident we will become and the more progress we will make towards our goals.

Congratulations, you now have the tools and the confidence to go and achieve your dreams. But don’t forget, it’s not going to be an easy road. Stay focused on the end goal, stay consistent, take time to self-care and enjoy the journey. 

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