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We believe that when people use amazing tools, they produce amazing work.

Give your team the ultimate set of productivity tools and help create a work culture that inspires them to make 2018 an awesome year. Each MiGOALS product has been thoughtfully designed with the goal to empower anyone to be the very best they can be. 


Who we've worked with: 



One thing we know, is at work... notes can get lost, papers bundled and notebooks thrown around like scrap paper.

So to combat that, keep your work in something that you're proud to own. 

Our stationery integrates seamlessly into your day-by-day. Supporting your progress, helping you organise your priorities and motivating you to Get Sh*t Done.

The problem:

The solution: 

Let's get personal!

Make your mark in 2018. Customise the MiGoals corporate range to fit your style and take ownership of your design.


Step 1: Let's chat!

We don't bite! Get in touch with Adam at and let's chat about what you're looking for. 

Step 2: Seeing is believing 

Now we're both on the same page with which product fits your needs, just send over your logo and we can co-design our range, with your branding! 

Step 3: Confirm artwork and Order size

To make sure we're both happy with the final product, we double check that everything is A-OK before we give the green light. 

Step 4: Impress everyone at the office

Monday morning, everyone comes in to the office to see awesome branded notebooks and the look on their faces are priceless.

Undoubtedly, here comes a Hi-5, maybe a few "these are awesome!" and of course, the nod of approval.

You did good. Soak it in, you deserve this moment.  



To find out more about introducing MiGOALS in to your workplace or for upcoming events contact us via email and we'll send you a custom quote.