Get Shit Done Collection

Get Shit Done Collection


The Get Shit Done range is all about, well, getting shit done. While the original collection was released a number of years ago now, this product line has been continually evolving over time as we explore what it means to chase your dreams. We have been incredibly fortunate to feature incredible collaborations with creative superstars like Marsha Goelmac, Sean Fennessy, The 5th and Jasmine Dowling.


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Getting Shit Done 2017 series

So, what is the driving force behind the 2017 series of notebooks and posters? This year’s release drew inspiration from the concept of ‘going back to basics’. To fall in line with this theme, we have designed each product with a focus on minimalism, classic design and bold style – making it easy for you to stay on top of your game without fear of procrastination.

Aside from the design inspiration behind our Getting Shit Done posters and notebooks, we are incredibly excited to announce that, for the first time, the notebooks are available for purchase in A4 and A5 sizes – perfect for creative types or those who just love a little extra space! Complementing this announcement is the release of our brand-new Desk Pad, an absolute essential for freelancers, uni students and entrepreneurs, or anyone who is tackling a project on the side or looking for a way to stay productive.


Spotlight on our new notebooks and posters:

The A4 GSD Notebook
If you need a little more room for musings, jottings and scribbles, look no further than the A4 Get Shit Done notebook. A back slip pocket offers plenty of convenience for carrying other loose papers, and a choice of Kraft, Khaki or Black makes it easy to suit your style.

The A5 GSD Notebook
Sometimes bigger is better, and for many the statement could not be more true when it comes to the A5 GSD notebook. This size is perfect for demanding tasks like recording meeting minutes, where notes often need to be combined with an action plan on the spot as it is discussed with your colleagues. This notebook is also available in Khaki, Kraft and Black.

The GSD Desk Pad

Write, tear, do. The brand-new GSD Desk pad is the latest in the Getting Shit Done poster and notebook range, featuring perforated paper that allowed you to carry a to-do list in the go, stick a shopping list on the fridge or keep by your desk as a central place for your various notes. Choose from Black, Kraft and Khaki.