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Abigail Forsyth of KeepCup is a Goal Digger


It all started in 1988 when Abigail Forsyth and her brother owned a cafe in Melbourne. They were becoming increasingly concerned about the volume of packa...

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Introducing the New Collection of Get Shit Done Notebooks


It was during a meeting in 2013 between Mi Goals founder Adam Jelic and Creative Director Alec Kach that the very first Get S...

Get Shit Done Product Feature

Gold Medalist Steph Rice is a Goal Digger


Living by the motto, be the best you can be, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and world record-breaking swimmer, Steph Rice i...

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Why Progress is Key to Achieving Your Goals


It’s been known that improvements in well-being, happiness and satisfaction can come from making progress towards our goals each da...

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Why You Should Be Taking Notes By Hand


You might be thinking that taking notes on your laptop, iPad or even on your phone makes you more productive as they’re alwa...

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10 Fun Ideas To Put On Your Winter Bucket List


As the cold weather fast approaches in Australia, most of us want to go into hibernation and stay in our Pyjamas all day. So we'...

6 Tips To Help You Get More Done


One of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people set is to work smarter, not harder. And if you’re a business owner, getti...

Jack Delosa of The Entourage is a Goal Digger


Jack Delosa is the Founder and CEO of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institutions for entrepreneurs. With over 300,000 members accessing t...

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