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Amie Fitt of Sparro Designs is a Goal Digger


Amie Fitt is the Founding Director of Sparro Designs. An Australian owned brand and e-commerce business creating a range of sleek, strong and seriously sm...

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4 Ways To Finish Off The Year Strong


It's crazy to think that it's going to be 2018 in just under two months, that's 61 days to be precise.

With the new year in sight, now is your fina...

Nik Mirkovic of Hi Smile is a Goal Digger


It's the brand that sells oral hygiene and teeth whitening products founded by Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic in 2014. With most o...

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How to Find The Right Planner to Suit All Your Needs


Finding the right planner that suits your own unique needs and busy schedule can be a challenge, which is why for the 2018 range of diaries we've introduc...

Emily Hazell of Serotonin Eatery is a Goal Digger


Emily Haz...

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How These Successful Entrepreneurs Overcome Roadblocks


We've all been confronted by a roadblock at some point in our lives and to be quite frank - the feeling totally sucks. You'v...

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Jess Ruhfus of Collabosaurus is a Goal Digger


Jess Ruhfus is the Founder of Collabosaurus, basically a dating site for brands. The site connects complementary brands to...

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Ramzey Choker of The Grounds is a Goal Digger


Ramzey Choker is the Co-Owner of the immensely popular cafe and event space; Grounds of Alexandria. L...

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