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Goal Diggers: Sarah and Nic of Matcha Maiden

Melbourne couple Sarah and Nic decided to start a little “side project” which unexpectedly turned into a beautiful flourishing matcha family. Their two ma...

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Shop MiGOALS At These Markets In 2016

MiGOALS is going on a #roadtrip this November and December to showcase our 2017 range at markets across Melbourne and Sydney.

We’ll be featuring ou...

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Meet the Goal Digger: Jane Lu

Jane Lu swapped business suits for playsuits and is the CEO and Founder of multi-million dollar online clothing boutique

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Goal Digger: Salvatore Malatesta

The Melbourne coffee and food scene is a difficult market to navigate, let alone conquer. However, CEO and entrepreneur Salvatore Malatesta has managed to...

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Goal Diggers: Adam Jelic and Alec Kach

Adam Jelic and Alec Kach started MiGOALS over five years ago with the goal to create products that would help people plan and reach their goals. MiGOALS i...

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Unveiling The New Look MiGOALS: About our rebrand

At the start of 2016, we were in a bit of flux. We’d just had our biggest product launch ever and were riding a high from the amazing support we got (than...

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About the MiGOALS x Jasmine Dowling Collaboration

MiGOALS have a long history of collaborations with other creatives in order to bring our products to life.

In 2015 and 2016 we partnered...

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Make Big Leaps Towards Your Goals With The Progress Journal

We know that when it comes to working towards a big goal, taking small consistent action is key. But it can be difficult to stay motivated and on track wh...

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