Top 5 Working From Home Tips

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Working from home is now the new reality. For some, it’s a dream and for others, a complete struggle. And we get it, changing up routines is hard, getting distracted is easy and sometimes finding a healthy balance between work/play seems impossible. 

If you need some help getting motivated and into the zone, read our top 5 tips for working from home. 

1. Create a beautiful space that you love

Find a nice little nook in your home with plenty of natural lighting (if possible) and build your workspace. From sourcing a practical but stylish work desk (shelving and storage compartments are a must), to adding some personal touches like photos and your favourite art pieces, popping in some plants and perhaps a table lamp for those late-night sessions. Probably the most important tip is to keep it tidy - it’s so important to start each day with a clean desk and in turn, a clear mind to get shit done. 

2. Invest in a comfy chair

If you’re going to spend eight hours sitting down (unless you’re a stand-up desk kind of person), you should definitely invest in an ergonomic chair. Why? It relieves back pain by promoting an ideal sitting posture that encourages proper alignment of the shoulders, hips and spine. What do you need to look for? An adjustable seat height, lumbar support, a flexible backrest, comfortable padding with breathable fabrics, an armrest and of course, swivel-action - so you’re not twisting and turning. 

3. Change out of your PJs

This is probably up for debate, because who doesn’t love wearing PJs all day, every day? For us, it’s about making an effort and starting the day with a motivated mindset. When we’re lounging around in our flannels, we feel pretty damn relaxed which isn’t a bad thing, but are you really feeling motivated? By changing out of your PJs and wearing something equally comfortable, but appropriate enough for all those video meetings, you’re inadvertently boosting your mood, confidence and productivity levels. Why? Because you’re showing up with your best self. And when you show up, you’re bound to smash your goals. 

4. Jot down a to-do list before you start your day

We’ve been writing to-do lists down since day dot. Our daily morning routine consists of making a cup of coffee and writing down our to-do list for the day, even before we check our emails. Why? By having a clear focus and vision of what needs to be achieved today, allows your mind to hone-in and prioritise your most important tasks. There’s seriously no better feeling than seeing a whole bunch of ticks next to your to-do list at the end of the day. Now, that’s productivity in action. 

5. Schedule in regular breaks 

We’ll admit it, we can be really bad with breaks but we’re definitely making a bigger effort to schedule in regular walks, lunch/snack breaks and important time to socialise with friends. Working 10-12 hours isn’t just unhealthy and the opposite of fun, but it’s definitely going to lead to burnout and no-one wants that. When you look after yourself, you’ll do your best work.

Now that you’ve got the tips, it’s time to get the tools. Get started with our best-selling weekly desk pad.



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