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We're on a mission to help you unlock the potential within yourself to Dream, Plan and take Action on the life you want. More than a stationery brand, we’re a global community of Goal Diggers and action takers helping you Get Shit Done.

Desk Pads that help you achieve your goals

Desk, Focus, Weekly & Monthly

Bucket List Cities

Bucket List Cities

Hard Cover A5
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  • The Bucket List is the perfect place to dream, plan and document all the things you want to do in this life. It includes space to list and document 100 places, people and things you want to experience in this life. With an explanation on how to fill out your bucket list and 100 fun and totally doable (yet adventurous) experiences to get you started, start planning all the big and small experiences you want to have with the Bucket List book.

  • Includes guidance of how to use the Bucket list Book

    100 Bucket List Ideas to get you started

    100 Bucket list worksheets

    Room to plan and brainstorm each idea

    Inspiring quotes throughout to keep you inspired

    Index to track your adventures

    A5 Hard Cover Linen

    208 pages

    100gsm inside pages

    Fountain pen friendly

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$ 29.95 AUD

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Your Search for the Ultimate Goal Book and Progress Diary is Over

We all have goals. You may want to be a rock star, or perhaps you’d prefer to build homes for a living. Maybe you want to open your own business, or learn the guitar. These dreams and aspirations are central to our lives, but not everyone finds the right path in order to turn them into reality. The reason? Well, there are two types of people in this world.
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Best Goal Planners & Journals

MiGoals was founded when a significant gap in the market was spotted for stationary equipment that was specifically designed to effectively help people focus on and achieve their short and long-term goals. 

On a mission to fill this gap and provide high-quality stationary products that were designed with productivity and motivation in mind, we launched our first diary in 2010 – and we’ve never looked back since.

We now produce a huge range of different stationary products all designed to do more than just provide people with a place to write and take notes. 

Because our products have proved to be so effective at helping people maintain focus and motivation, keep on top of their workload and increase their productivity, we’ve now provided stationary equipment for tens of thousands of people – and received plenty of excellent reviews!

Our Excellent Range of Goal Planners

The primary products upon which we’ve built our reputation for innovation and quality are our diaries and planners. Unlike standard diaries and planners, a MiGoals goal planner is full of creative solutions to problems associated with low motivation and/or productivity. 

With inspiring prompts and handy habit trackers, our range of goal planners make it easier than ever to become more organised, productive and generally effective at your office tasks.

And, with a monthly review section that allows you to sit down and spend some time analysing how you’ve done over the past month and working out what you need to do to improve even further next month, you can be confident that a goal planner from MiGoals will provide you with all that you need to ensure that you’re continuously improving and finally attaining the levels of efficiency you’ve always dreamt of having.

But the popularity and success of our planners shouldn’t lead customers to think that they’re our only speciality: in fact, we stock a variety of other products which are also extremely innovative and practical. A goal journal, for example, can help people to determine exactly what their ambitions are in life – and can then help them to identify and act upon the steps they need to take in order to achieve them.

Many of our customers notice significant improvement in their organisational skills and their productivity simply because they’re using their daily goal planner to keep on top of how they’re progressing towards their long-term goals, and to help them ensure they remain focused on what needs to be done to guarantee they continue to progress and improve.

Furthermore, lots of our customers discover through us the revolutionary power of desk pads to enhance their everyday motivation and productivity. 

A desk pad can work wonders when it comes to keeping you inspired throughout your day, helping to keep you focused on your tasks, and improving your organisation skills and minimising clutter.

The MiGoals desk pad contains inspiring thoughts and ideas, an action list to help you achieve your overarching daily goal(s), a review section and a large area for quickly jotting down notes throughout the day.

The Best Goal Planners for a Reason

Here at MiGoals, we’ve built our business and our product range around a strong ethos that defines everything we do. Since MiGoals was founded, the team have been committed to the idea that the very best goal planner – and, in-fact, all the best stationary – should be designed and made with these core ideas in mind:

  • Vision: quality stationary should help facilitate ideas and provide inspiration, making it easy to define your dreams and ambitions.
  • Plan: once a person knows what they’re aiming for, their stationary kit should allow them to effortlessly break down their targets into sections and turn their vague dreams into achievable, step-by-step goals.
  • Progress: after helping them to come up with ideas and turn these ideas into manageable projects, quality stationary should make it easy for a person to track their progress and stay focused on their goals.

The Benefits of Quality Empowering Stationary, Goal Planners & Journals

A goal journal, goal planner or diary, or any other piece of empowering stationary can make it dramatically easier to complete your office work in an efficient and hassle-free way. 

Stationary is naturally something which almost all of us use frequently in our daily lives, so investing in stationary which is specifically designed to enhance motivation and productivity means that you’ll be regularly coming into contact with products that will keep you inspired and entirely focused on the tasks you’ve got to complete.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a natural go-getter looking for stationary products that are in-line with your approach to life and which will help you succeed at attaining your goals, or whether you’re a professional procrastinator who is in desperate need of a new way to combat your tendency to get distracted from your work and become unproductive. 

Thanks to the passion and creativity we throw into absolutely every product we sell, all of our customers can always be confident that they’ll experience just how powerful improved planning and motivation can be when it comes to becoming a more productive individual.

The Best Place to Buy Stationary, Goal Planners & Journals

If you’re looking for a daily goal journal or any other piece of stationary, you can count on MiGoals to provide the superior quality that you deserve. We’re proud of the fact that many people consider our goal planner to be the very best goal planner available on the Australian market, and we always strive to maintain our high standards across our range and ensure that each and every product in our stock-list is of the same standard that our loyal customers have come to expect of us over the years.

And because our entire range can be ordered at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about spending your valuable time on inconvenient trips to stationary stores only to discover that they don’t stock what you’re looking for. 

Discover our outstanding, revolutionary stationary products online today, or get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out more.

More than Just Goal Planners & Journals at MiGoals

MiGoals is Australia's leading supplier of goal planners and goal journals online. We specialise in monthly planners, weekly goal planners, 12 week journals, 90 day planners, A5 diaries & journals, 2019 diary planners, hardcover journals, hardcover planners, soft cover journals, dialy planners, diary planners, year planners, goal setting journals & planners, to do list notebooks and journal planners.
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