The Migoals way

When our diaries and planners were in development, we wanted to create a flow that would really allow you to set the right goals, stick to them and help you live a life filled with purpose. That’s why we split our diaries and planners into 3 important sections:

The equation is simple:
Gain self-awareness+
Set meaningful goals+
Take daily action towards those goals
Living a fulfilled life
The front section in the planner is all about building solid foundations and better understanding your core values, purpose and the things that matter to you most. We do this in order to set the right goals that actually reflect who we are.
Vision and Goals
Based off your core values and better understanding of your purpose, the second part of the planner is where we set goals that truly resonate with us. Far too often, if we skip the self-awareness step, we end up setting goals that aren’t important to us and as result, we don’t follow through and just end up repeating this cycle of setting goals without accomplishing them.
Action and Reflection
The main part of our planner is the weekly planner spread. It’s often said that goals without action are just dreams. It is crucial to break down your goals into daily actions that bring you closer to achieving your ultimate vision. The second part is the reflection section throughout the planners. Think of it as a daily check-in with yourself – thoughtful refection helps you evaluate your progress on a deeper level, thus helping you make the next right moves and decisions for your goals.
The ultimate goal is to help our Goal Digger community live a purpose-filled life, on their terms.
Adam Jelic

Unlock your potential

The Goal Digger Planner is your perfect self-development tool to give you clarity and purpose in life.

Size B5
304 pages
2x Divider Ribbons
Debossed Artwork Cover
Fountain Pen Friendly
Eco Friendly

Make the most of 2022

Weekly Planner View

Make each week count. With prompts to keep you inspired, ample room to write your tasks, review your progress and see your weekly priorities at a glance.

Plan Short and Long Term Goals

Break down your goals into actionable steps. Build a daily to-do list and celebrate key milestones that get you closer to the meaningful life you strive for.

Monthly Goals

Get clarity on what you need to achieve at the beginning of every month with generous space to jot them down.

Goal Reviews

Never lose sight of the big picture. Keep a visual track of your priorities, milestones and plan ahead.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Who is this for?

Planning for the life you want doesn’t have to be hard.

You might have tried planning your goals in the past, but you never made any real progress. Or you had a whole plan in place, but life simply got in the way.

You might have listened to every podcast. Paid for expensive courses. Read several entrepreneurial books on How To Easily Succeed. But you’re still left exhausted by all the noise.

We’ve been there. And it’s exactly why our 2022 Goal Digger Planner exists.

Become a Goal Digger

Use our all-in one product that’s simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

From the very first page, we guide you through every step of the way. We’ll help you mind-map, plan your vision, break it down to actionable daily tasks and reflect on your progress at the end of every month.

At MiGOALS, we don’t promise the world through easy
gimmicks. The work ultimately comes down to you. But we’re
here to help you every step of the way.

Make an affordable investment on a personal coach that moves at your pace, while keeping you accountable with prompts to write, reflect and create positive habits that ultimately change your life.

What does 2022 look like for you?

Make everyday count. Have the best week, every week, by staying
productive, positive and on track with the help of Australia's Leading Empowering Stationery Brand.

Become part of our global community of Goal Diggers and action takers helping you Get Shit Done.

Designed for the dreamers, planners & action takers

The MiGOALS planner and notebooks have helped meso much when it comes to determining and writingdown my goals, plan ahead and stay motivatedthroughout the year. Couldn’t live without it anymore!Designed for the dreamers, planners & action takers

Our purpose is to create beautifully designed stationery that empowers you to achieve your goals and live your best life.

Minimalistic design with layouts that encourage you to dream, plan and take action on your goals
Inspiring quotes and messaging throughout to keep you motivated every single day
Structured and easy flow to keep you focused on what really matters most