Are you on track to achieve your BIG goals?

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So we have just come to the half-way point of 2021 and now is the perfect opportunity to spend some time reviewing and realigning your goals. Do the goals you set in January still inspire and excite you? Have you been focused on achieving your goals or have you been caught up in the busyness of life and forgotten about them altogether?

The point of setting goals isn’t to plan out your entire life. They should be used as a tool to guide you to find purpose in where you want to prioritise spending your time and energy. Your goals don’t all have to be career or business focused, they can (and should!) include personal goals that will attribute to creating your best life. 

This is a great time of year to set aside an hour or so of uninterrupted time to do a mid-year review. Use this time to reflect and evaluate your goals to re-inspire you to take action and make real progress. 

If you already know you’re way behind on your goals, that’s totally okay! Rather than waiting for the surge of motivation to kick-in on 1 January 2022, why not make the most of the next six months and tick off some of your big goals. 
Ready to start your mid-year review? Book out an hour in your calendar right now, treat yourself to a coffee (and maybe a cake!) at your favourite cafe and spend some uninterrupted time going through these 5 steps. 

Step 1: Review

First thing’s first, find the goals you wrote down in January. Are they written on a scrap piece of paper or in the notes section of your phone? Or were they written in your Goal Planning Journal or your 2021 Diary? Spend a moment to read through each of your goals and imagine what it’ll feel like when you achieve them. This process might be just enough to excite to you to re-focus and take the next step towards achieving your goals. 

Step 2: Celebrate

More often than not, we’ll go through the motions of achieving our goals (or at least steps towards our goals) but totally forget to celebrate the fact that we actually did it! This is the fun bit, so get out your pen and start ticking off the goals that you’ve completed in the last 6 months. You might’ve also accomplished a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t on the list of goals you wrote in January. Perhaps you landed your dream client out of the blue or you were asked to present at an event? Write these additional accomplishments down, reflect and treat yourself.   

Step 3: Delete

Back in January, you may have had some lofty goals that no longer make sense to you or no longer excite you. That’s totally fine! We all change as our priorities and situations evolve, but getting comfortable with deleting goals can be a bit of a challenge. Maybe you’ve decided that becoming a yoga teacher is no longer something that excites you or that it’s just not the right time to plan a 6 week holiday to Europe. While it doesn’t mean you’ll never do these things, they’re just not going to be your focus for 2021. 

Step 4: Realign 

Now you’ve ticked off your wins and deleted the goals that you’re not going to pursue over the next 6 months, what’s left? Be really honest about how big of a priority each of these goals are to you. If one of your goals was to launch a new product but you haven’t even started the research phase, get real with yourself. Does this goal really serve you? Challenge yourself by choosing just three goals to focus on for the remainder of the year and get clear on your “why” for each of these. 

Step 5: Action

Goals are dreams with a plan which is why creating actionable steps is so important. By breaking down one big goal into smaller, achievable chunks you’ll feel like you’re making progress and avoid the feeling of overwhelm. Make sure you consider the reasons why you haven’t achieved some of the goals you set in January. Were you too ambitious? Did a challenge come up for you? Did you just spend too much time watching Netflix or were you investing your time somewhere else? Maybe you were just not motivated? Get practical and put into place an action plan that takes into account your priorities to ensure you have a greater chance of achieving your goals. You might like to check out our Progress Journal which will walk you through creating a 90 day plan to achieve your goals. 

After this session, don’t be surprised if you get a sudden surge of energy to make big progress on your goals. Self-reflection can have that effect! But now’s the part where you actually put this energy into action. Do one thing every day towards achieving your goals and you’ll be on your way to achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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