9 Reasons To Chase Your Dreams

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As a kid, we have these outlandish dreams where nothing seems impossible. Want to become an astronaut? Sure. Want to go to Disneyland? Not a problem. Want to be a famous football player? Of course you can.
But as we grow up into responsible adults with jobs and mortgages, rather than chasing our dreams we put them in the too hard basket and just do nothing.
It’s easy to just get sucked into the daily grind of the 9-5 and go about your days and weeks in the comfortable zone. But soon, you’ll realise that you only get one life so wishing your time away in a job you hate and dreading getting out of bed in the morning is such a waste.
Here’s that kick up the butt you need to get out and chase your dreams.

Reason 1: Challenge Yourself

You know that feeling you get when you prove to yourself you can do whatever you set your mind to? It’s nothing short of euphoric right? Whether it’s practicing yoga every day for a month or launching a new business, feeling challenged keep you motivated and inspired to do more and be better.

Reason 2: Feel empowered

The key to feeling good about yourself is the ability to feel empowered to accomplish something you’ve always dreamt of. Your confidence will rise and you’ll enjoy the excitement and the adrenaline that comes with doing something you’ve always wanted.

Reason 3: A fulfilled life

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Reason 4: Live to work

We spend 40 hours (or more!) working, so if you feel stuck in a job you hate, that’s a terrible way to spend your life. You’ll count the clock and dread getting out of bed each morning. Your relationships and health will suffer as a result of your lack of motivation to go to work. However, once you switch your mindset to being proactive and creating a plan towards achieving your dreams, you’ll get excited about your day and enjoy the process. 

Reason 5: Create a legacy

Who doesn’t want to be remembered for all the epic things they did in their life? Let’s face it, we all care about what others think but more often than not it’s because we want to show our friends, family, colleagues and peers that yes, we can do it.

Reason 6: Learn new skills

Your brain loves to learn new things, in fact to ensure you have a healthy mind, you need to keep teaching yourself new skills. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of becoming a yoga teacher or a photographer, well join a course and learn those skills. Once you start learning how to do something, you’re one step closer to actually doing it! 

Reason 7: Have no regrets

There’s nothing worse in life than asking yourself the question, what if? So if you don’t want to live with a heavy feeling in your heart of not living to your full potential or missing out all the things you’d dreamt of doing/seeing, then go for it!

Reason 8: Money is never enough

Working in a job you hate because it pays well, means you’ll never be happy. You’ll always be climbing the corporate ladder and working your guts out just to make someone else rich. There’s no such thing as enough money because the goal posts just keep moving. Working towards a dream however, will make you feel fulfilled and create an elated feeling that a pay rise will never achieve.

Reason 9: Be an inspiration

There’s something so humbling about being told you’ve inspired someone to chase their dreams. It doesn’t actually matter whether you achieve the goal or not, the important part comes with the striving to get there.

Chasing your dreams will take some practice, so give yourself time and set reminders to keep realigning yourself with your dream life. If you feel you need some added support to get you started on the journey, our Progress Journal will help you to create epic goals and develop a plan to achieve them in the next 90 days. 

BONUS: If you need a break from the seriousness of life and want to remember how light hearted your dreams were as a kid, check out this article Kids With Hilarious Life Goals.


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