6 Ways to Be a Happier Person

Posted by Adam Jelic on

Here’s a reality check for you, only YOU can decide how happy you are. When you blame others or the universe for the reasons you’re not happy, this only works against you and your search for happiness. 

These are a few ways you can start taking charge of your own happiness right now.  

Make someone else happy - it’s contagious

This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but the trick is to do it consistently. Whether it’s sending flowers to someone you love, doing a grocery-run for your elderly neighbours or sharing your feel-good playlist with someone who’s feeling down. When you get a smile from the person you’ve helped, you can’t help but smile back.

Journal and practice gratitude.

Actively writing down what you’re grateful for each day is such a critical step to changing your outlook on your life. You could spend a moment writing down one thing you’re grateful for at the start of each day or allow yourself some time and space to journal about all the things you’re grateful for in your life. 

Spend time with people who make you feel good.

When you build meaningful relationships and social connections that are aligned with your interests and personality, you’ll find the feeling of happiness begins to swell when you’re around them - whether it’s on FaceTime or in real life. In contrast, if you have people in your life who make you feel crappy or stressed, it’s best to avoid these interactions. 

Learn something new.

Be generous with spending time and money on experiences that improve you as a person. Try that workout you’ve always wanted to or buy that online course about that thing you’ve always wanted to learn. Don’t be afraid to invest in you - now is the time. 


Don’t have time to exercise? Well, studies have proven that something as simple as exercising regularly has helped people overcome depression and anxiety. How? Endorphins (AKA the happiness hormone) are pumped through your body when you sweat it out. Make moving a priority, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk. 

Be your own cheerleader.

Celebrating your wins, whether it’s personal or work-related is something a lot of us forget to do. Take a moment to reflect and treat yourself to stay motivated and continue kicking goals. Our 90 day Progress Journal is the perfect tool for keeping you on track with prompts to reflect on all of the awesome stuff you’ve done. 


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