PASSION NEVER FAILS PODCAST: Episode 011 - How to Build Products That People Love

12 June 2016

Adam Jelic is my guest today on the podcast.  Adam is the co-founder of Mi Goals, a stationery company that specialises in inspirational stationery. 



February 2016

Adam Jelic had a dream… to own a diary in which he could write his goals so that they weren’t floating around on scraps of paper. He couldn’t find anything he liked on the market, so he made his own, then started selling it. Five years later, hello Mi Goals empire!



22 February 2016

Out with your iPhone calendar and in with your Mi Goals diary.

We came across this Melbourne based stationary label at the Big Design Market a few years back and instantly fell in love.


URBAN LIST: Goal Diggers: How To Get Shit Done In 2016

17 February 2016

‘A new year. A new me’. That’s what we all told ourselves on Jan 1. Fast forward 6 weeks, and let’s face it, it’s highly likely that your spiffy new yoga mat is catching dust under your bed, and your devotion to all the superfood groups have, let’s say, waned…

COSMOPOLITAN UK: 11 Online Shops Stationery Porn Lovers Need to Know About

12 February 2016

Mi Goals is an Australian brand that ship internationally, and believe us – it's worth paying and waiting a little extra for their incredible stuff to arrive.

THE AGE: Paper Diaries Outsmart Electronic Age

5 January 2016

Nobody really needs a paper diary in the smartphone age but steadily rising demand suggests many people still favour the datebook.

DYNAMIC BUSINESS: It All Happened ‘On The Side’: Now Selling 100,000 Units Per Year, This Stationery Business Is No Stationary Business

30 November 2015

Research released by ecommerce platform, Selz has revealed that six out of ten working adults are either running a side business or thinking about it.

SPEAKER TV: Behind the Designs: Mi Goals

1 October 2015

We spoke to Alec Kach, creative director of Melbourne design company Mi Goals about burgers, Kanye and getting shit done.

MOWORKS: Adam Jelic Shares The Mi Goals Story

4 June 2015

In an age where procrastination has become an artform, Adam Jelic and his team at Mi Goals are creating beautifully designed stationery to help people ditch their excuses and just get sh*t done.

DESIGN MILK: Kick Off the New Year With Stylish Motivational Stationery

14 January 2015

Sometimes, nothing beats good ‘ol paper and pencil.


9 December 2014

Adam Jelic and Alec Kach are the creatives behind Melbourne-based stationery label Mi Goals, which first launched in 2011 with a single product – a distinctive ‘goals’ diary.

START UP DAILY: Q&A with Mi Goals Founder Adam Jelic

22 June 2012



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