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“The more you celebrate your own life, the more there is in life to celebrate”. Oprah knows what’s up. We are now a couple of months into the year. It’s the perfect time to kick yourself in the butt to start building some momentum if you haven’t already. It also the time to look back and celebrate on any little wins you have experienced.

Some wins for MiGoals so far …

On the very first day of the year we had a massive win. Adam spoke to the Today Show about the importance of Goal-Setting in the new year – and how to simplify the process by simply writing it down. 

We launched our latest drop; The Gratitude Journal. While we have always had a focus on the importance of gratitude across our products, we felt the practice deserved a platform of its own. After research into the benefits on mental health we felt it was important to help people be more present and grateful.

 Last but not least we are getting excited as we have started to design, create and develop a new range. This will be a little different to what we’ve released in the past but the wheels are in motion and ideas are brewing.  Keep an eye out if you are a fitness and health lover – or if you want to be.

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Hi there! I absolutely love the MiGoals diaries and have used it for two years now. I originally had the original goal digger diary planner, and loved all its functions, but thought it was a bit too bulky and big to fit into my bag. I downsized to the smaller HC navy diary this year (I think B5??). I’m just wondering if it were a possibility to add in 12 pages of monthyl reviews at the end? I really loved and looked forward to them when I had the bigger goal digger planner! If it weren’t for size and heaviness, I’d be getting that diary!

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