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Meet our next goal digger, Sarah Fritz, Founder & CEO at Yes Queen, the first workplace anti-bullying initiative hyper-focused on wellness, soft-skills and self-development with a mission to future-proof wellbeing at work by erasing bullying and cultivating safe, positive and inclusive cultures. 

We’re excited to chat to Sarah about her “aha” moment with Yes Queen, the best advice she’s been given and how her definition of success has changed throughout her career. 

Tell us about your "aha" moment with Yes Queen. 

After leaving my corporate career and some deep soul-searching and healing, I had the “aha” moment out in the Otway Ranges in Victoria. It was the realisation that my centre of power was people and culture and it manifested in Yes Queen’s mission – to future-proof wellbeing at work by erasing bullying and cultivating a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all employees. 

Following extensive research and eight years in Publishing and Media, I knew there was an opportunity to use my skills to create a prevention-approached anti-bullying platform that catered specifically to Millennials and Gen Z - anchored in holistic wellness. 

2020 has been challenging so far, how do you stay focused and what keeps you inspired?  

What has shown up for me in 2020 is the importance of nurturing consistent calm energy. The years prior, it was all about the hustle and grind which did feel right at the time. The events this year, have given birth to a new level of self-care, resilience and resourcefulness. 

I’ve maintained inspiration by digesting and seeding out optimistic content, keeping (virtually) close to my tribe and learning new things – I recently moved off-the-grid and have loved planting and harvesting veggies and herbs, making risottos and investing in a ‘Self Study’ course by Alison Rice. I want to use this time to go deeper and wider into conscious living and working. 

What does your morning routine look like? 

Zen to the highest order! We sleep with our phones on aeroplane mode then wake up to Moby’s ‘Porcelain’, do a 20 minute guided meditation, have a glass of lemon water and then take a walk in the forest. 99% of the time it’s no emails or social feeds before our morning ritual.  

Give us three of your best work from home tips.

  1. Work out your natural high-energy time (circadian rhythm) and use it to map out your day. I am high-energy from early in the morning – I use the first half of the day to prioritise work tasks. The afternoon is then dedicated to self-care and self-development. 
  2. Create a dedicated workspace. I find the context of a work area helps with focus and motivation. I surround my space with tarot cards, inspiring quotes, crystals and face mists for hydration. I also recently started wearing blue light glasses after finding out the damaging eye effects from prolonged screen time. 
  3. Go with the flow. Working from home takes discipline but it also allows for more fluidity – work when you feel inspired and break when you need to. Since leaving a confined time structure (9-5) I’ve found that I have been more creative as I am working and living in a more natural state of flow. It’s much easier to concept and create when inspired. 

Podcast or playlist - what are you currently listening to? 

I can’t live without either. Right now I am listening to Goop, Thom Knowles and Offline podcasts and musically I am rotating Paz Sounds, Karl Pilbrow, Ekbalu and Hafner. Music is playing in our home/office morning-to-night. 

What's the best advice you've received and who was it from? 

Claudia, one of my first managers, said to me “always express yourself. Even if your words are not reciprocated or thoughts are not acknowledged you’ve spoken your truth. And that sets you free.” 

What's your proudest achievement? 

Letting go of what no longer serves me

Leaving a career I loved was the bravest and greatest choice I have made yet. In the space I had created I discovered my soul’s purpose, started two businesses, moved overseas – living and working remotely in 11 countries - and became a minimalist – these are some of my proudest accomplishments. 

What's the first book you read that changed your worldview?

I read ‘The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment’ by Eckhart Tolle in my early 20s.  It has had a profound impact on living in the present moment and accepting things as they are – this has helped live compassionately, freely and fully. His perspective keeps you grounded, especially during challenging and uncertain times. 

How has your definition of success changed from the start of your career until now? 

So much! In the corporate world, I measured success via my KPIs, salary and title. I now define success as the positive actions I take and the impacts I create. Purpose, passion and peace is paramount – abundance has followed. 

What are the three things you’re grateful for today? 

Waking up with the sun.

Celery juice, fresh from the garden. 

Spotify peaceful playlist cranking.

2020 gratitude mantra: The small things are the big things.

Find out more at  www.theyesqueen.com and follow @the.yesqueen on instagram





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