5 Ways to Stop Giving a Shit

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Do you find yourself stressing about small things that don’t really matter? Whether it’s superficial drama or questioning whether or not you should post on social media during this time (and if your post was appropriate), it’s time to stop giving a shit so you can focus on the things in life that actually matter - like your health, happiness, family and friends.

Stop seeking approval from others.

Why do we constantly have this need for approval from others when at the end of the day, we only need approval from ourselves. No-one else is going to live your life, so you need to be confident in taking actions that are most aligned with your purpose. 

Focus on your strengths - forget your weaknesses.

Stay in your zone of genius and outsource the rest. If you’re a small business owner that sucks at numbers, hire a bookkeeper to look after them for you. If your manager asks you to present your marketing strategy to the board but Powerpoint isn’t your thing, ask an experienced workmate to help with the design side of things when you combine both of your strengths, you’ll create a presentation that wows. 

Know yourself. Own yourself. Be yourself.

Not everyone has to like you or care what you have to say. Shut down that inner critic that says you’re not good enough and forget about trying to fit in. The only thing that’s holding you back from greatness is you. 

Be grateful.

Gratitude is about more than just being thankful. It’s about taking the time to deeply feel how blessed you are for the life you have and the opportunities you’ve been given. Once you recognise how lucky you are for all the good stuff going on, those pesky little dramas in your life will seem totally irrelevant. 

Understand what is most important to you and stop focusing on everything else.

Once you get clear on why these little things don’t matter, you’re able to distance yourself and let them slide on by without a second glance. 


Reading this just made me feel better …as I read I thought about what I needed to align myself with for my current goal and at the part where you wrote gratitude!!!…. My ability to walk my ability to breathe my children …I have a roof over my head a warm place food and life…. In the moment I read this I just felt better thank you …I’m saving if for the next crap moment I feel down.

Elena on

yeah i was once can do don,t give a fuck power
but now the power is gone

what i want is just doesnt care about Neighbour and everything that is useless
i doesnt care if i dead

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Mo Ranger on

I’m not trying to please people, I don’t give a damn what people think of my intentions, it’s not what people think. What I think is I’m trying to get back my world, that world I once had, of a blissful normal life, without living in a hippie, trippy, drug-based medical world. I don’t wanna spend time in a mental institution with those weirdos who are strange-looking and act creepy. It’s not because they’re idiots, it’s because they’re not normal. I’m tired o the bullshit, the parts I like about myself that people don’t let me have, I want them back, and I want my happiness back and to get back that blissful normal state. And in case you can’t tell, I’m not doing it to impress you, I’m doing it to get back my pride, when I was moral and good.

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