5 Benefits of Waking Up Early

Posted by Adam Jelic on

We get it. Sleeping in is wonderful. And we’ll admit that these days, we’re sleeping in a lot more than usual since there’s no early morning commute and no pressure to be anywhere, except in front of our screen for work. 

It might seem like it’s worth a little extra time under the covers, but do you really think this is the best way to set yourself up for the day? Here are 5 reasons why waking up early will do your mind and body so much good.

1. Helps sustain a healthy diet.

Studies have shown that early birds tend to eat less sugary and fatty foods than night owls, as they crave more protein-rich foods which keep them fuller for longer. Plus, if you wake up early, you don’t have the excuse “I have no time for breakfast” before your 9am Zoom meeting - it’s the perfect, healthy start to the day. 

2. Enhances your productivity.

Kicking your butt into gear first thing in the morning can take a lot of motivation, so it seems obvious that people who can do this consistently are able to achieve more during the day. This means they get more done and they are more likely to achieve those bigger goals. A weekly planner can also help you better organise your schedule and increase your productivity. Discover our collection of the best weekly planners.

3. Better mental health.

When you get up early, you’re giving yourself more time to mentally prepare, meditate and reflect on the day ahead. By starting the day on such a calm and positive note this will encourage a more optimistic outlook. Check out our Gratitude Journal which is great tool and daily practice for improving mental health.

4. More time to exercise.

If you’re someone that constantly puts off exercise, then do it first thing. Waking up early means you’ve got more time to fit in a workout at home, do an online yoga class or walk the dog around the block. You’ll experience a boost in endorphins and feel wide awake when you finish, so you’ll be less dependent on that first coffee of the day to give you that much needed buzz. 

5. Improved quality of sleep.

When you know you have to get up early, you’re more likely to plan out your evening routine, so you’re ready and raring to go when you hear that buzzer. This will mean you’ll actually get more time in bed for that all important beauty sleep. 


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