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March marks an exciting time for students, as many will be starting (or resuming) their university studies. Orientation week will be in full swing, you’ll meet new people (in person, finally!) and learn new things.

Personally for me, the glow of university only lasted the first two weeks before reality came crashing in. Demanding workloads, multiple deadlines and daily readings made university the ultimate test of resilience, motivation and mental strength. 

In hindsight, there are definitely things I would have done differently for a more productive experience. So in this article, we’re going to unpack some productivity tips to keep you happily studying for 2021 - all of which I wish I knew back then.

Have a routine

This cannot be stressed enough. Having a routine with positive habits that you do daily is paramount for success, particularly if you’re in university where parties, meet-ups and everyday distractions are the norm. 

Start with the basics:

  • What time you generally wake up
  • Approximate times during the day where you solidly focus on your studies
  • Break times
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • What time you go to bed

From there, you can expand into other habits like meditation, exercise, practicing gratitude, daily journaling and more. But always start slowly, and expand on your routine at your own pace - cramming in too much at the beginning will not only demotivate you, but break the routine before it’s even gained momentum.

It’s best to set a basic routine at the beginning of March, as it sets the foundation for how your study habits will be throughout the year. It’ll be your saving grace during Week 4 - which if you’re new to university, is reputed for being chaotically busy. A semester planner may also come in handy to help pin everything into place. Be ready!


Time block for important tasks

Blocking out times to focus on important tasks is an excellent way to increase productivity. By knowing an end time beforehand, your brain naturally becomes wired to ‘get into the zone’ because it knows it isn’t forever. Consider blocking out an hour for smaller tasks, and maybe two hours for bigger tasks. 

This goes back to the importance of setting goals. Time blocking changes your mindset to a task. Instead of saying ‘I have a whole day to write this report’, time blocking changes it to ‘I am starting this report at 11am and will finish it by 1pm’. Being specific in your actions makes your goals more attainable. 

The extra benefit of timing blocking is that it also forces you to evaluate your working habits. You have to ask yourself what you can realistically complete within a given time frame. This is great to do in the morning as time blocking is similar to writing out a to-do list, just a more specific one. 

Practice gratitude daily

Hate to burst any bubbles, but I guarantee that there will be many low points during your time at university. It could range from a disastrous group assignment, getting a low grade, failing a subject or just being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work that needs to get done.

As such, it helps to spend a few minutes - preferably before you go to bed - to practice gratitude and what you’re grateful for. From great friends to that morning coffee getting you through another busy university day, this will be the light at the tunnel that keeps you going. The things you’re thankful for don’t have to be big or grand, it can be the simple things - anything that brings a smile to your face. Take it a step extra and maybe write it down to remind you.

Practicing daily gratitude will greatly improve your mental health, keeping you focussed on the bigger picture, rather than the occasional low points that will inevitably happen. 

Get Shit Done within 90 Days

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By Aleczander Gamboa


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