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I’ve been living in my apartment for over a year and ever since the very first day I moved in, I have wanted to hang our ‘scratch-a-map’ world map on the wall. (It’s a world map where you scratch off the cities and countries you’ve been to like a scratchie, and it reveals the place underneath ‒ yes, it is as cool as it sounds.) But is that map on the wall? No. Why? Because I never get it done. I always claim to have no time. I somehow manage to re-watch Sex and the City from start to finish in one weekend, and yet the ‘scratch-a-map’ remains in its tube.

I’m sure I’m not alone ‒ putting off a task that would bring you joy when complete, but claiming to have no time to do it in the first place. And it’s a fair excuse! Between your family, work, goals, side hustle, Instagram, emails, trying to exercise, drink smoothies and have a social life, there isn’t a lot of time. Often you have those things you want to do, but you just never get to. How often do you say to yourself “oh, I’d love to re-decorate my living room”, or  “I’m dying to go to the Barossa Valley”, or “I’ve always wanted to try pilates” followed by: “but where do I find the time?”

Ah, time. It is our most valuable gift, and also our most wasted. But no more! I have decided I will no longer let my map gather dust and my wall remain blank ‒ and you should try pilates, it’s honestly an amazing workout.


But how? How do we make sure we actually do it? By creating a ‘19 For 2019’, of course.


What is a ‘19 For 2019’? So glad you asked! It’s 19 things you want to get done it 2019. It’s activities, tasks or places you commit to do, try or see. A ‘19 For 2019’ is separate from your goals ‒ it’s essentially a ‘free time’ goals list. It can be anything from finally hanging that damn map on the wall (can you tell the map thing is getting to me?), to going to winery one weekend, to trying a new sport or teaching your dog a new trick (it can be done, I’m told). It’s those things that aren’t covered by the goals that you’ve neatly planned out in your migoals diary, but things that you want to do. Goal setting is important (it’s called migoals for a reason) but so is living your life! Doing the things you want to do, trying the things you want to try and seeing the things you want to see. (It’s why migoals created The Bucket List planner to begin with!)


So, to help you on your merry way, I thought I’d take you through my ‘19 For 2019’. (Just promise not to laugh TOO much. Cheers.)  


  1. Hang up our ‘scratch-a-map’ world map on the wall
    (What a surprise, eh?)
  2. Play tennis with my boyfriend
    (I’m rubbish at it, he’s great. It’s also a healthier date option than our regular five pizzas and wine.)
  3. Get my boyfriend to do a yoga class with me
    (This is to get back at him for the tennis.)
  4. Take a meditation class
    (My best ideas come to me while meditating.)
  5. Visit somewhere new in Australia
    (Be a #tourist in my own country.)
  6. Do a floristry course
  7. Buy a plain black handbag
    (I have three bags with pom‒poms, yet not one plain black bag.)
  8. Try a capsule wardrobe one season
    (I recommend Googling ‘capsule wardrobe’ for anyone who has more clothes than wardrobe space. *Cough* me *cough*.)
  9. Sell some of my expensive items that I don’t wear (Chanel sunnies circa 2001, I’m looking at you)
  10. Clean out the pantry
    (Who knows what’s in there!)
  11. Become a regular giver for a charity
  12. Start a YouTube channel
    (Who wouldn’t want to listen to my rants?!)
  13. Do more Instagram Live’s on my blog
  14. Block out an hour a week for “me time”
    (Where I don’t have to do anything but sit and think.)
  15. Pre-book all my hair appointments in advance
    (So that I don’t do that ‒ “oh no! I have Billy Bob’s cousin’s half birthday this weekend and my roots are greyer than Donald Trump's real hair!”)
  16. Try a new drink
    (Can anyone tell me what’s in a ‘Crouching Tiger’?)
  17. Finish creating an old-school drink cart in our living room
  18. Read a history book
    (Watching The Last Kingdom doesn’t count.)
  19. Do something nice for someone you don’t know.


And that’s my ‘19 For 2019’. I’ve also just completed the most important part of the whole process (it’s something us migoals #goaldiggers are big on): WRITE IT DOWN!

When you write something down, you commit to it and you’re more likely to do it. You might want to use the The Bucket List’ journal and start this year with 19 out of the 100, or use the ‘Get Sh*t Done’ notebook as it’s small and can be with you at all times (that’s what I use as it’s slides into my diary), or a ‘Notes’ notebook. You can even write it in your phone. But I cannot stress enough, that you need to write it down. (Are you picking up, what I’m screaming down? WRITE IT DOWN!)


If you want to do a ‘19 For 2019’, but you’re not sure how to get started, ask yourself:

What’s something I’ve always wanted to do?
What’s something I’ve always wanted to try?
Where’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go?
Is there a hike I’ve wanted to do?
A new sport I’ve wanted to try?
Is there an item I’ve always wanted to buy?


Write that sh*t down, so that you can get it done.

It’s the last year before the new decade ‒ make it your best. Get the 19 things you’ve always wanted to do, done in 2019. Happy year of getting-it-done! I’m off to hang my ‘scratch-a-map’.

Isabel Sandercock-Brown is an Aussie blogger and freelance writer. She loves MiGoals, and inspiring people to channel their inner Oprah and live their best life. She’s also very into trying things, as you can see on her beauty and book blog, 5-TO-TRY.

https://the5totry.com/ or @5totry


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

xxqondndhl on

Super helpful read! Bring on the new year!

Bethany on

Such a great idea!! Very inspiring to get things done and achieve new goals for the new year. My first ‘19 for 2019’ is to start training for a half marathon 💪
PS sorry to say but I have a scratch-a-map on my wall! 😉

Simone S on

i love this! Thanks for a great article 🙏🏻💫
Gtg write my goals down. xx

Kate on

This is like new year resolutions but way more practical and achievable! First thing on my 19 for ’19 is BUY A NOTEBOOK!

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