Get Shit Done Collection

Get Shit Done with our Notebooks and Posters

It all started in 2013 when two like-minded individuals entered a meeting. What was said remains a secret, but what we do know is that MiGOALS founder Adam Jelic and Creative Director Alec Kach emerged from the room with a sparkle in their eye.

The Get Shit Done range is all about, well, getting shit done. While the original collection was released a number of years ago now, this product line has been continually evolving over time as we explore what it means to chase your dreams. We have been incredibly fortunate to feature incredible collaborations with creative superstars like Marsha Goelmac, Sean Fennessy, The 5th and Jasmine Dowling.

Migoals - Get Shit Done Manifesto Pad A5
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Get Shit Done Manifesto Pad A5
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