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How To Track Your Progress With The Progress Journal

It's tempting and easy to delay taking action especially when you have to constantly balance work, family and other priorities. Feeling guilty and beating yourself up about the fact that you haven't made any progress on the goals you set is one option.

But thats not you, you're a goal digger. You are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work it takes to have life-long happiness.

One thing we’ve found, is it’s much easier to stay motivated when we’re working on our goals within short bursts of time. The short time frame and nearness of the deadline helps keep us focused and as if our goals are more attainable. Almost immediately you will start to feel productive and from this you will build momentum. The Progress Journal allows you to work on one goal at a time or on multiple goals simultaneously over the course of 90 days, its up to you.

How To Start Progressing Today

Decide Your To-Do's

Each morning, decide on your most important tasks and write them down. Choose the tasks that will help you move closer to your goals. Having these written down will help you stay focused as you go about your day.


Review Your Day

At night, review your day and assess how much you got done for the day. Tune into your feelings and ask yourself where things went well and what you may have struggled with. Don't allow judgement to creep in - just acknowledge your feelings and move on.  


Do Monthly Check-In's

Review your progress monthly to ensure you're still on track. Celebrate your accomplishments and then make a plan for the next 30 days ahead. Having short sprints help to keep your momentum going and keeps the outlook on your goals fresh


Build Momentum

Look back at all your progress and celebrate how far you've come. Its important to celebrate your wins as you go along as it will motivate you to keep going as you thrive off this momentum. Assess your goals for the next 90 days and start again. Remember, progress, not perfection, is the key to success. 

Start progressing towards your goals today with the Progress Journal.


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