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4 Gadgets And Tools To Turn Up Your Motivation

Has your motivation flown out the window? Are you just not getting anything done?

While there are often tricks you can use to get your motivation going, sometimes a clever piece of tech or equipment can be just what you need to get going again – like one of these gadgets designed help you get more done.

A standing desk

There have been lots of studies done on the effectiveness of standing while you work. While it might seem more likely to tire you out, the conclusion has been the opposite – working while standing makes you more productive. Why is this the case? It's far better for your posture to be standing than to be slumping in your seat.

If you work with a laptop, you can either use a raised desk, or convert your desk simply by using a laptop stand. This will improve your posture considerably and allow you to work in much greater comfort.

Use multifunctional tech

Integration is the name of the game these days, and having your devices synched saves you time and allows you to work more efficiently. While writing on paper helps you get things out of your head, sometimes it's not practical to write something down that you then want to scan into your computer.

Phree is a stylus that connects with all your gadgets. You can use it to write on any surface, which means that you can jot down notes even if you are not looking at your phone, tablet or laptop.


Are you constantly forgetting to pay your bills, take medication, or do other important tasks? A tiny wireless gadget called Droplet could be the answer. You attach it to an item and it will remind you what you need to do, via your smartphone. It will allow you to monitor your activities and keep track of what you have achieved. You then tap the button when you've completed a task. Gadgets like this are great for people who find it hard to keep on top of what they need to do or forget important tasks until it's too late.

Exercise at your desk

It can be hard to find the time to fit in exercise when you've got so much to do, but since fitness will help you stay healthy in mind and body it should be an essential part of your day. What's more, spending too long sitting at a desk can be very unhealthy - precisely the opposite of what you want to achieve.

An Under desk elliptical is basically a set of pedals that sits under your desk, so you can keep active even while you're sitting down. And because you can connect it to your phone, you can track your efforts and set yourself fitness goals. It's a brilliant way of using time that would otherwise be spent unable to do any physical exercise, and enabling you to keep fit even while you're sitting down.

About The Author

Stacey Marone is a graduate of Social Sciences and contributor for Essays Scholar Advisor.  She likes travelling and exploring new cultures. In her free time, she also does volunteer work and organises activities for children. Her goal is to help people recognise their own potential. You can follow her on Twitter.

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