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Goal Digger: Jess Viscarde of Eclectic Creative

Jess Viscarde is the Creative Director behind Eclectic Creative, a Melbourne-based interior design studio that’s all about injecting personality into your...

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Goal Digger: Steph Claire Smith of Keep It Cleaner

What stemmed from a love of food and cooking has seen model and wellness blogger Steph Claire Smith carve a career around healthy eating and living. In be...

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Goal Digger: Jasmine Dowling

Jasmine Dowling is a letterer, graphic designer and blogger from sunny Brisbane, Australia. She started lettering as a creative outlet from her digital de...

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Goal Digger: Laura Henshaw of Keep It Cleaner

What started as a side project whilst modelling overseas has now turned into a platform of exercising tips, blog posts and recipes f...

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Goal Diggers: Sarah and Nic of Matcha Maiden

Melbourne couple Sarah and Nic decided to start a little “side project” which unexpectedly turned into a beautiful flourishing matcha family. Their two ma...

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Meet the Goal Digger: Jane Lu

Jane Lu swapped business suits for playsuits and is the CEO and Founder of multi-million dollar online clothing boutique

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Goal Digger: Salvatore Malatesta

The Melbourne coffee and food scene is a difficult market to navigate, let alone conquer. However, CEO and entrepreneur Salvatore Malatesta has managed to...

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Goal Diggers: Adam Jelic and Alec Kach

Adam Jelic and Alec Kach started MiGOALS over five years ago with the goal to create products that would help people plan and reach their goals. MiGOALS i...

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