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Here's an inside look at KX Pilates - MiOffice

KX Pilates is Australia’s first high-performance boutique Pilates company, delivering a high intensity, body-toning power workout in just 50 minutes that increases flexibility, balance and coordination. Named after the Japanese term meaning ‘change for the better’, the Kaizen eXperience, or KX, is a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement.

We spoke with Aaron the founder of KX about how he sets goals, and how he and his team stay productive in the office.

Tell us a bit about your business and what your role is

We are known for the use of reformer machines, and our unique style workout of fusing elements of traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance training. As Founder of KX, my role has shifted over the past few years: from Master Trainer in multiple company studios, then onto day-to-day business operations as we set up the franchised side of KX. My passion has gone from helping people achieve their fitness goals to helping people achieve their business goals.

As CEO, my role now focuses on the growth of the company, ensuring the wheels keep turning, we’re constantly improving and meeting our objectives. I also travel regularly to keep up to date with upcoming trends in the fitness industry, both in Australia and overseas. Additionally, (when I have time) I also speak at fitness, franchise and entrepreneurial conferences.

How many employees does the business have?

We currently have 10 staff in our support office. We also work with over 20 Studio Owners, their Studio Managers, Administration staff & 170 Pilates Trainers and counting!!

Where do you see your business going in the next five years

The business model is currently in its growth phase as we rollout KX Pilates across Australia. Opening in WA and growing in our newer states is the plan for this year, as well as improving processes, systems and communication lines between HQ and Franchisees. In the next 5 years we should be in at least every state in Australia, be reaching close to 100 studios (if not more) and, fingers crossed, be international (the focus of selling Master Franchises Internationally will be later in 2017).

Do you have any tips/tricks that help keep you productive?

Tip 1: Exercise first thing in the morning. Not only do you get it out of the way but it sets you up both physically and mentally for the day. I find I concentrate more, get more constructive work done and begin the day with a positive mindset. With this positive mindset, it also sets you up to eat healthier during the day.

Tip 2: Don't allow yourself to be interrupted on a constant basis. I find it really important to empower my team to make decisions on their own and if they have questions to batch them together and schedule a weekly catch up when they can run through their list, instead of constantly interrupting me. A lot of the time if I am unavailable, they will figure most things out on their own.

Tip 3: Don’t let your email dictate your workload. Turn all email and App push notifications OFF. Live your life first and focus on what is going to drive you forward, then choose to check your emails when you have a scheduled time to (no more than 2-3hrs a day). Unless the subject reads URGENT then emails are not! Get back to people when it suits you, not because you think they demand a response now.

How do you set goals for your business?

Sit down and write them out! If you don’t write your goals down and check them regularly then chances are you will not achieve them. Stay focused and let everyone in your team be part of your business goals as well. When you align your employee's goals up with your company goals then magic happens.

Constantly review them, alter if required and update/add more when necessary, but always stay on the goals that will put you further ahead. Remember, you can have everything you want but just not at the same time.

Do you have something you’re working on that you can tell us a bit more about?

Internally we have just launched a Franchise Advisory Council, named ‘The Bridge.’ This includes some of our most successful and hard working owners, who have been voted into this group to ‘Bridge the Gap’ between Head Office and Franchisee. This is to increase all lines of communication so that we can understand one another better and take invaluable input on how we can make our company grow, improve and succeed together. Our first meeting is in a few weeks so wish us luck!

Tell us a bit about the company culture?

We hold regular staff parties and social gatherings, and we also provide training on a regular basis so our staff and trainers are constantly learning, developing and staying on top of growing fitness trends. We also offer our trainers discounted industry training in areas such as First Aid and CPR training.

We have a 'Staff Member of the Year' internal campaign, where one lucky winner receives an all expenses paid trip to attend one of our KX Retreats in Bali. We will quite often have coffee and lunch meetings, do regular fitness classes together and on special occasions either a day trip or weekend trip away.



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