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Mindfulness for Goal Diggers

If you're only using mindfulness to relax or de-stress, you might be missing out! Mindfulness can boost your creative superpowers, help you crush your goals faster and have way more fun doing it, too. 

To take your productivity through the roof, try this. Think of an ideal outcome for a goal you have today. Visualise every little detail of that ideal result--the sights, sounds, people, words and feelings for about 30 seconds. 

As you imagine all the nitty-gritty, happy details of your accomplishment, notice any pleasurable feelings entering your physical body. Could there be a tingling or openness emerging in your chest as you imagine reaching your goal? A rush of warmth in your gut? A melting of your shoulder tension? Pinpoint and name the most obvious positive sensation in your body as you imagine your ideal outcome. Got it? Now only focus upon this sensation for 2-minutes, while breathing deeply.

This exercise cultivates a profound awareness that goes beyond noticing your inner experience in this moment; one that activates and creates the exact life you'd like to have by concentrating on the feelings it brings to your physical body. You're making the dream a physical reality, one meditation at a time. When practised daily, total transformation can be witnessed within 90 days.

About the Author:

Nicole Casanova is a personal development expert with more than 15 years of experience. Founder of Living Polished Personal Development, her clients include a Harvard professor, the San Francisco city attorney, Google brainiacs, young entrepreneurs and award-winning fine artists. She was awarded as a fellow at the Coaching Fellowship for her facilitation work empowering women in rural Kenya.

To see more of her work, check out Living Polished

Instagram: @livingpolished

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