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The Goal Digger Planner: Live on Kickstarter

Have you ever felt you could be doing more in your life?

Maybe you've tried setting goals in the past or maybe you've never set a goal in your life (at least not the proper way), whatever the case... we get it. 

The question is now, are you ready to make a change?

It's time to start living life on your terms. 

Be your own inspiration, empower yourself and be a Goal Digger.

So what is the Goal Digger Planner?

We've created the ultimate self-improvement tool to help you live a more purpose-driven life.

Think of it as your daily coach - a place to write your goals, create positive habits and help you take action on your dreams. 

It is not enough to just want something you need to take control of your life and make things happen. 

The Goal Digger Planner will help you:

1. Get clear on your purpose and develop a solid foundation
2. Set meaningful goals that you are passionate about and relate to your values.
3. Get organized and inspired on a daily basis.

4. Make real progress towards your goals and empower you to dream big.

Why have we designed it to work like 
a life coach?

Every high-performance athlete, every famous singer, actor and performer have a coach to help them reach their fitness, personal and professional goals. A coach helps you unlock your potential and guides you as you hustle and work on getting results. 

You will experience roadblocks, setbacks and difficult challenges as you make progress. A coach gives you the framework to deal with these as you work towards achieving your goals.

Here's an inside look at the Goal Digger Planner:

The Goal Digger Planner is live on Kickstarter until the 6th of October. Click here to back us.

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