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Make Big Leaps Towards Your Goals With The Progress Journal

We know that when it comes to working towards a big goal, taking small consistent action is key. But it can be difficult to stay motivated and on track when your goal might take a year (or more!) to achieve. A year is such a long time and it’s tempting to delay getting shit done when we falsely believe we have heaps of time.

One thing we’ve found: it’s much easier to stay motivated when we’re working on our short-term goals – ones that take around 3 months to achieve. The short time frame and nearness of the deadline helps to keep us focused.

It was with this idea in mind that we created the Progress Journal.

Make progress on your goals with a Progress Journal

The idea is that you get to focus on one major goal for 90-day blocks of time, making real progress in that time. When you work on your goals across 90-day phases of time you get to build momentum while staying focused on a near goal.

At the same time, the wins you get from achieving goals at each 90-day milestone will give you the boost you need to push through for the next phase.

Plan your goals for the next 90 days - MiGOALS

How to use the Progress Journal

Each morning, before you do any other work (or even scroll social media!), sit down with your Progress Journal and decide the tasks you’re going to do that day that will move you closer to your goals. This isn’t everything you’ll do that day, just the most important things (laundry, while important, has never made a difference to achieving our goals).

We recommend doing these tasks first, but we know that’s not always possible – like if your goal is related to a side business you’re starting up, you might not be able to do those tasks until night time. But by deciding now, you won’t have to try and figure out what you should be doing when you have a moment – all you’ll have to focus on is getting shit done.

Review your progress

The key to making progress isn’t just taking regular action. It’s also about regularly reviewing what you’ve done (and what you haven’t done) so you can adjust as you go.

Review your goal progress each night - MiGOALS

The Progress Journal includes space to review your progress every day so you can continuously focus on your goals.

And the monthly review is a great time to assess what’s working on a longer-term basis and then make decisions about what you need to work on for the next 30 days.

Even if you’re busy, your schedule is packed to the brim and you’re on the go from morning to night, finding just five minutes to make progress on your goal will give you the momentum you need to keep going for 90 days.


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