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Jessica Sepel is a Goal Digger

Expert nutritionist, Health Blogger, 2 x Best Selling Health Author and an inspiration to thousands all over the world - what can’t Jessica Sepel do?!

After fighting her own adversity with diets and food, she has helped change the lives of thousands of people who want to have a healthier relationship with food and to live stress and anxiety free.

We had the pleasure of chatting to her about what her goals are, what’s planned for JS Health and how she wants to help change the world. 

Jessica, tell us a bit about who you are, what you do and the journey you’ve been through.  

I'm Jessica Sepel - Nutritionist and Health Author. Living to empower women to find freedom with food, their bodies and their lives. I am passionate about creating wholesome recipes that are quick and easy. I am deeply passionate about helping women foster healthier relationships with food and their bodies. 

2. What is the ultimate goal when it comes to JS Health? 

To inspire women to find balance with food and fall back in love with their bodies. 

3. How do you believe having a healthy lifestyle relates to Goal Setting?

One small goal at a time leads to BIG change. 

4. Tell us about your goal setting process. How do you decide which ones to work on? How big or small do you go?  

I have big goals that I dream about and visualise daily. I stick them all around my house!

Small day to day goals - I write them down in my Goal Digger Planner and have to tick them off each day :) 

5. What kind of advice do you have for someone who’s goal might be to lose weight, have a healthier lifestyle or to have better relationship with food?

Small changes and swaps go a long way. Remove the pressure to do it all perfectly. Focus on making good choices just 80% of the time and allow their to be leeway for flexibility. 

Cut out sugar and processed foods and add more greens to your plate.

Give up diets for life, they just make us thing about food in an unhealthy way.

6. What are some of the Goals you’re working on within the next 3 years? 

To expand the JSHealth vitamin range + Create a #1 Health App :)

Source: JS Health Facebook

7. Let’s talk about challenges - what do you believe is the most valuable lesson learned from having your own challenges that you speak about?

We have to give up on PERFECT. We have to try embrace balance with food, our bodies and our lives - SO FREEING. The most valuable lesson I have learnt is to be kinder to my body.

8. Let’s go back in time! Can you remember some of the Goals you set over the years to get you where you are today? Take us through the journey. 

5 years ago, I dreamt to have a health blog that would inspire people to live a healthier life - now I am living this dream.

I always dreamt to live between LA and Sydney and this is also a goal I am kicking :) 

I have dreamt of having a vitamin range and App ever since I started JSHealth - they both about to launch :) 

To be honest, my goal has always been to create a health brand that will have IMPACT and change peoples lives for the better.

Check out her inspiring story here:


Jess shares daily tips for healthy food hacks, awesome recipes and inspirational content! Keep in the loop with everything Jess writes about here and Follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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