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Introducing the New Collection of Get Shit Done Notebooks

It was during a meeting in 2013 between Mi Goals founder Adam Jelic and Creative Director Alec Kach that the very first Get Shit Done notebook was created. 

Since the first range of notebooks was released in 2010, Mi Goals products have evolved and featured collaborations with creatives such as Jasmine Dowling, The 5th, Marsha Goelmac and Sean Fennessy. 

Introducing The New GSD Collection

The inspiration for the 2017 release of notebooks is about going back to basics with classic, minimal and bold designs that will power you through distractions and procrastination.

For the first time, the notebooks will also be available in A4 and A5 sizes with the addition of a brand new Desk Pad.

The Get Shit Done range is perfect for:
- Freelancers
- Entrepreneurs
- University students
- Working on your side-project
- Taking daily action on tasks and projects

The A4 GSD Notebook $12.95

Need more space for your notes, brainstorm sessions and projects? We've got you covered. The A4 GSD Notebook is available in Black, Khaki and Kraft and features a back slip pocket to keep loose paper alongside your notes.

The A5 GSD Notebook $9.95

Need a place to keep your meeting minutes? Take notes to the left and then have an immediate action plan to your right. Available in Black, Khaki and Kraft, the A5 notebook also features a back slip pocket to keep loose paper safe. 

The GSD Desk Pad $9.95

Do you like writing down your to do list, then tearing off the pages? If this is a method that works for you, then you'll love the GSD Desk Pad which is made with perforated paper. Keep it by the fridge to plan your grocery shop or by your desk to scribble bits of information throughout the day. The GSD Desk Pad is available in Khaki, Kraft and Black.



A New Range of Colours  

The new collection of Get Shit Done notebooks will be available in a new range of colours including Khaki, Yellow, and Grey to name a few. 

Shop the entire range of colours, sizes and designs here.

Struggling to tick things off your list? Here's a no fuss guide to writing a to do list, the right way. 

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