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Take Notes The Right Way With The Mi Notes Book

Did you know you forget 60% of information you've heard after only 9 hours? Crazy, right? But just think about all that stuff your brain is trying to process. If it were a computer, it would shut down after just one day.

Note-taking is one of those skills that's rarely taught, but is so crucial in daily life. Whether you work in an office, meet with clients all day or are learning something new, being able to take notes – and the right kind of notes – will help you get through your daily tasks.

Not only is note taking great for boosting your recall, it also promotes active listening and understanding, and provides a framework for revision.

With this in mind, we designed the Mi Notes book. More than an ordinary lined notebook, the framework allows you to use it in all sorts of ways, whether for daily meetings, planning or to track a major project.

Here are just a few ways you can make the most of your Mi Notes book. We'd love to know how you use it too. Just let us know in the comments after the article, or tag us on Instagram @migoals.

Use it as a daily planner

For people who like to travel light, the MiNotes book can double as your To-Do list and daily planner. Write the date at the top of the page and note down any appointments and things you need to remember. Then add your most important To Do's below and tick them off once you're done.

Capture ideas and inspiration as it comes to you

Seminars, talks and conferences are full of idea-sparking inspiration. But to make the most of those ideas, you've got to have a way to remember them later on so you can take swift action on them.

We've added space at the bottom of each Mi Notes book page to track your Top 3 learnings of insights. Just note them down at the end of each session or day so you can find them when you need them.

Leave each meeting with a sense of purpose

Walk out of each meeting knowing exactly what you need to do next. Take notes as you normally would then spend one minute at the end deciding on the top three tasks you need to do to move your project forward right away. You'll be landing that bonus in no time.

Create custom entries to help your recall

The flexibility of your Mi Notes book lets you use it the way you want. Use dots for tasks, dashes for information and circles for reminders. 

Reference your notes with the index section 

Got a lot of projects you need to keep track of? Find what you need at a glance with unique index section. Track your notes by project, date or any way that makes sense to you. 


The Mi Notes book comes in a range of stylish colours and is available now. Click to shop our latest range of Notebooks. 

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  • Great article Bianka!

    Using this Notebook as a daily planner I find setting time frames for each daily task helps me stay accountable and focused. i.e. Organise Blog post – 10:00am.

    Keep these gold nuggets coming!


    Alan Borges on
  • Loving the sound of this. Still trying to work out the best possible way to manage a single meeting & to do book. Tidy solution, team. ☺

    Ms_Franklin_VP on

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