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How To Save For A Holiday | 6 Travel Bloggers Share Their Tips

Are you suffering from some serious FOMO as you scroll through your Instagram feed? Do you feel like everyone but you seems to be sunning themselves on a Fijian beach, sipping cocktails on a Spanish rooftop or indulging in shrimp tacos poolside in Mexico?
The struggle is real.
So why are you not skipping the Australian winter to live the dream too? Well, maybe this little thing called “lack of funds” is holding you back from any beachside vacations right now.
But before you throw your phone at the wall next time you see another cliché cocktail by the pool shot, we’ve reached out to the professionals for some guidance on how you can save for your next holiday.
Warning: The below images may cause more FOMO however are considered necessary to kick your butt into savings mode!

Alyssa Ramos

“I like to start at the root of the problem and go on a "spending diet" [before your holiday] by writing down everything [you] want to buy that week (coffee, cocktails, clothes, etc.), not buying it, and at the end of the week adding up the total money [you] didn't spend on random things, and transfer that to their travel savings account!” 
Image: via instagram - Alyssa Ramos

Jewels Lynch

Instagram: @jewelszee
“Learn the nitty gritty of how your frequent flyer points work! Learn how to make the most of them, grow then quickly and spend them properly on flights.”

Image: via instagram - Jewels Lynch

Jaharn Giles

Instagram: @misterweekender
“My biggest tip for saving for a holiday is to reduce your everyday expenses. Pack your lunch instead of buying it every day, freeze your gym membership and go walking or running outdoors instead, make coffee at home, and only buy the clothes you need in the lead up to your holiday. By making these small changes, you'll be blown away at the extra money you'll save.”

Image: via instagram - Jahagn Giles

Carolin Pilligrath

Instagram: @breathingtravel
“To save on flights, I usually have alerts set up to remind me when there is a price drop or increase. I also think breaking up journeys can save you a fair bit of money. So instead of flying directly from Europe to Australia for example, book a flight to Asia. You [can] get cheapies to various destinations and then book a separate flight from there [as] there are various low-cost airlines you can use in the regions which don’t fly all the way. You even get a free stopover inclusive!”

Image: via instagram - Carolin Pilligrath

Bec Williams

Instagram: @thehatchling
“One tip I have for saving a heap of money while on a holiday is to invest in a really comfy pair of walking shoes and commit to walking as often as you can between your planned activities. Not only do you save a whole lot of money on Uber costs and public transport, but I also like to track my steps on my iPhone health app and I feel great about how much exercise I'm getting while on holiday!”

Image: via instagram - Bec Williams

Daniel James

Instagram: @danflyingsolo
“I see a lot of people book off a standard weeks’ vacation time [Saturday to Saturday] and then find their holiday, when actually booking a week off work from say Wednesday to Wednesday might actually significantly reduce the cost as midweek flights to certain destinations [are usually cheaper].”
Image: via instagram - Daniel James
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