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How to reflect on 2017 for your best year yet

As the Christmas festivities start to begin and the year comes to a close, it's a time to rejoice and reflect on the year that was.

If you're like us, you’re pausing to look back on the goals you set earlier this year as you mentally prepare yourself for the new year.

To start 2018 with the right mindset and fresh outlook, it’s crucial to stop and reflect on the year just gone, acknowledge the wins and take that with you moving forward.  

So find a quiet place, block out 20 minutes of your time and get your notebook and pen ready, as you create the framework for a happier and more productive 2018.

Take time to reflect

It's only when you stop to look back on the year gone that you realise how far you’ve actually come. So much progress.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Where was I this time last year?
Note the projects you working on, think back to what you were spending your time doing. Are you employed at the same place you were last year? If so, have the reasons you left paid off?

How did I grow in the past year?
How have you been truly improving yourself? Despite how hectic the year may have been, did you put in the time and energy to develop and make yourself better?

What went well?
Did you find yourself in moments where you did certain things that surprised you?

Who were the people who helped me?
Write down the names of the people so you can thank them personally,

Celebrate the wins and document the lessons learned

When’s the last time you gave yourself credit for something pretty cool that YOU did?

Whether you like to fist pump in the air or pat yourself on the back, having a win (big or small) counts and something to make a great deal about.

If you don’t acknowledge your accomplishments, who else will?

Take a deep breath and have a moment to think about how much you actually accomplished.

It’s more than you had thought, right?

Celebrate your wins by:

  • Scheduling time to reflect weekly and make the practice to be a positive ongoing habit.
  • Pause each time something good happens by giving yourself permission to feel excited and happy for the moment and truly cherish it.
  • Sharing the good news with your community, friends and family that support you and have your back.

On the flipside, there are the moments in the year where things didn’t go quite as planned or you had personal breakthroughs. 

No matter how many degrees you have there are some things that we can only learn in the school of life.

In order to truly grow and become the best version of yourself you must ask yourself:

What were three important lessons I learnt in 2017?
Did you take a stand for something? Did you realise your potential? Make yourself aware of these lessons so you can propel into greatness in 2018. 

Move forward

You’ve spent time reflecting and have acknowledged what’s happened. Now it’s time to use the positive momentum and really make it your year.

This is the fun part!

Ask yourself:

What am I choosing to focus on in 2018?
Do you want to spend more time working on creative projects? Do you want to put your energy towards upskilling? Perhaps you want to improve your self-care? Whatever it is, jot it down so you can take action on it.

What do I want to achieve in 2018?
Do you want to have created more meaningful work? Do you want to feel proud of yourself each week? Perhaps you want to have spent more time with your family? Whatever it may be, write it down so you can set goals around it later. 

What are three things I’m looking forward to in 2018?
Have a holiday you can’t wait to go on? Are you finally going to take the leap and take action on that business idea you’ve always wanted to pursue? Use this as a reminder to keep yourself motivated throughout the year.

Despite how you feel after doing this reflection, remember that making a change is entirely up to you.

Don’t wait for someday to do the things you've always wanted to do. Set your goals, take the first step and don't look back. 

How was your year? Share with us your wins and lessons learned in the comments below!

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