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3 Easy Ways To Be More Productive Today

We all can relate to the feeling of having so much to do that we don't even know where to begin and the very thought of doing anything freaks us out. If you're feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day, we've put together three easy ways you can be more productive, right now.

1. Stop procrastinating 

    It's incredibly easy to put off the hardest tasks as they require the most effort or have the biggest unknowns. Checking emails, scheduling meetings and doing a hundred other tasks to avoid doing the most important task won't help. Just eat the frog, and get shit done. 

    2. Stop scrolling, start doing

      It happens to all of us, when you quickly just want to check how many likes you got on a business-related post. Then you find yourself spending half the day taking screenshots, which you justify as research. It’s time to take back your days and limit the time spent on social media by using handy reminders such as the Pomodoro Method. Simply account for the time you plan on checking your socials by putting on a timer for a certain amount of time. Once the timer goes off, its time to get off the phone and get back to the more important tasks.

      3. Create a list and prioritise

        There will always be countless tasks and items on our mental and written to-do lists. Above all, there will be two or three tasks that are significantly more important than the rest. Do the urgent and important tasks first, and then work your way through non-urgent, and eventually not important.

        Focus on what requires your attention, the rest will sort itself out. If you follow these tips consistently you’ll see your day moving a lot quicker, easier and with more shit getting done.

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