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Jack Delosa of The Entourage is a Goal Digger

Jack Delosa is the Founder and CEO of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institutions for entrepreneurs. With over 300,000 members accessing the

institute’s online courses, Delosa's vision for The Entourage is to make it the number one destination in the Asia-Pacific region for entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises. We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Delosa to find out how he sets goals for his business and overcomes major roadblocks.

1. Tell us a bit about your journey to creating The Entourage

I have always run my own businesses and after a couple of losses and a couple of wins, I decided to start an education institution to ensure that this generation of entrepreneurs and innovators are learning from people with, ‘been there, done that’ experience.

2. How do you set goals and what is the process you follow? 

The vision for my life and The Entourage group of companies is to push civilisation forward by enabling more people to live on purpose. This vision provides the overarching context for everything I do. If something aligns with my vision and will move us closer, I say yes, and if it doesn’t, I have the absolute clarity to say no.

3. How do you deal with roadblocks? 

Stop, pause and reflect. I like to try to develop a path forward and then work like crazy. 

4. What’s one habit you credit with getting you to where you are now?

From my experience, I've found that the number one characteristic of people who build a life that is meaningful to them is resilience

5. Who or what are inspired by?

I love studying legacy, so people who have influenced the course of history. Whether it’s Michelangelo from 500 years ago, Albert Einstein who rewrote physics 100 years ago or Oprah Winfrey who has touched the lives of billions. I love studying legacy.

6. What is your favourite quote or saying?

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” - Rumi

7. What is a goal that you have set for 2017?

To continue on our journey as we endeavour to build the world’s number one education institution for entrepreneurs and innovators.


To find upcoming courses and events from the team at The Entourage, head over to their website here. You can follow Jack Delosa on Instagram here and on Facebook here

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