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How To Use The Bucket List Book

The Bucket List is the perfect place to dream, plan and document all the things you want to do in this life. Whether it's an experience in your own city, within a $20 budget or an epic European adventure, the bucket list book allows you to do just that. To build momentum and get started with your bucket list, put in experiences that you have already had in the past. 


What and Why 

Use this space to explain the moment you want to experience. Think about the reasoning as to why you want to tick this item off your bucket list. 

It’s not crazy, it’s not impossible, it’s not silly–just put it down!

Brainstorm and Inspiration

The first thing you can do to create your bucket list is to brainstorm and get inspired by putting all your ideas to paper. Allow your mind to be as free as possible. This is your space to get as imaginative as you would like by creating visual cues through imagery or drawings of the moment you're working towards ticking off. When your brain and mind is free, amazing ideas will come out. 

The moment

This is all about celebrating the completion of what you set out to do. Use this space to add in photos of yourself in that moment or things that remind you of that experience. The Bucket List book will become a scrapbook and memory of times of your life that you can look back at and feel moments of joy, this is also a great source for practising gratitude. 

How did it make you feel?

This is where you detail what the moment felt like. Was it everything that you hoped it would be? If it didn't meet your expectations that's okay too, either way you would've learned something about yourself and grown from the experience.

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