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Unveiling The New Look MiGOALS: About our rebrand

At the start of 2016, we were in a bit of flux. We’d just had our biggest product launch ever and were riding a high from the amazing support we got (thanks everyone!).

But we’d got to a stage we’re we felt that the style of our branding no longer reflected who we were.

When Adam first came up with the MiGOALS it was all about making a product that would enable someone to dream, plan and take action on their goals throughout the year. We designed the first logo based around the quote style of the original diary. But over time as our products evolved and grew and the style changed, we felt the logo wasn’t consistent with the rest of the brand.

We felt it was time to refresh the look and feel of our brand to reflect how we’d grown since that first year.

The Rebrand Process

We started asking ourselves what we thought the goal setting process actually looked like and how we could represent that in some way. We wanted a logo that reflected the ethos of the brand and captured a more minimalist style, to match our products.

During our brainstorming process, we came up with this idea that the journey to your goals is never a straight line. There are ups and downs. Times when you progress really quickly and times when you sort of stagnate.

From there our designer Alec came up with the idea of what we’re calling the Progress Bar. It’s our visual representation of the goal setting journey, with it’s ups and downs but where you always end up a little higher and further along than when you started.

We hope that when someone looks at our logo, they feel a sense of hope that eventually things are going to turn up.

Who MiGOALS is for

As part of developing our new logo, we’ve also done a lot of exploration about what we’re about, who we want to serve and where we want to sit in the market.

We developed four core personas our audience based around the type of goals you might be working towards.

  • Growing a business
  • Finding more balance in your life
  • Travelling and adventure
  • Being more productive

We decided that we want to be a hub for people looking to chase their dreams and take action, particularly around these core goals and habits.

What you can expect from MiGOALS

To do this we want to create really targeted content designed to help people and different points in their goal journey. We took some of our existing content, looked at what worked, removed some and planned out what would really help our audience.

You can expect to see more content on our website and through the email list through 2017 and beyond. The focus will be on actionable content without the fluff, plus inspiring stories from real people who’ve gone out there and achieved their goals.

As long as you have a dream and the drive to make it happen, MiGOALS is for you.


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