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How To Go From Goals To Planning

The secret to achieving your goals isn’t found in an Instagram quote.

It comes from real, actual work.

Vision boards and goal brainstorming is important, but it’s only one part of the equation. Once you’ve set your goals, you’ve got to plan how you’re going to get it done.

How To Go From Goals >>> Planning

Planning is the critical step to take your goals from vision to getting shit done.

So how should you plan out your goals?

When you made your goals, you wrote down the who, what and how of it and listed out your milestones and To Do’s.

One important point is to get really clear on your deadlines. If you don’t make this stuff time-critical, it’s too easy to put it off.

Transfer your key milestones into your diary or calendar so it’s always at the front of your mind.

Then start to work back from your goal deadline to figure out when you need to get certain tasks done. If it helps, think of each of these tasks as having mini-due dates (yep, like at uni).

Once you’ve figured out when certain things need to be done by, it’s time to make your monthly, weekly and daily plans.

If you find planning and scheduling a bit too rigid, that’s fine. But manifesting your goals merely by meditating on them everyday rarely ever works. We fully believe the structure of having a plan allows you to be more adaptable and open to new opportunities to make your goal happen.

So the end of each month decide what your focus will be for the next month for each of your goals. Then each week drill down to figure out what needs to get done each week. We like to schedule these tasks out for certain days of the week because we know that something scheduled is way more likely to happen.

If your tasks relate to more daily things - like doing 20 minutes of exercise a day - add those to your schedule too then set reminders in your phone to pop up at the time you should be doing it.

Finally, when you’re planning everything out add in time to review your goals and progress. We suggest a monthly review to see how you’ve gone with your to do list over the past month, plus a longer half-year review to track the bigger picture.

Need help planning your goals to make them happen? Our Goals Book and Get Shit Done notebook provides the perfect one-two punch to make your dreams a reality.

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