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9 Bucket List Ideas For Couples To Plan This Valentine's Day

While we think it’s important to have your own goals and dreams, if you’re coupled-up it’s also important to come up with goals that you both share.

That’s why we’re big fans of the Bucket List for couples. Just like a regular Bucket List, you come up with a list of things you’d like to do/see/experience, but as a couple. What you decide on will depend on your relationship and the joint goals you have. But we’ve included a few of our own Bucket List ideas for couples to get you started.

1. Go tandem bike riding

What could be more romantic than a bicycle built for two? Tandem bikes bring a new level of fun to the whole bike-riding-thing. But be warned – it’s a lot harder than it looks. You'll  have to work together to keep the wheels turning and ensure you don’t topple over. Once you get the hang of it, though, it can reveal a new dynamic in your relationship as tandem bike riding requires a lot of trust and confidence in the other person.

2. Try the best [insert trendy food thing] in your city

Whether it’s gourmet doughnuts, freak shakes or hipster lattes, this is a fun way to both explore your city and experience the latest food trends.

Make a list of the top places serving your favourite food and hit them up, one-by-one. You can do this across a weekend, or make it a regular date night until you've tried them all.

3. Learn something new together

We love trying new things on our own, but it’s often a lot more fun to share the experience with your partner.

You could head to a local salsa class for some sensual moves, take a beginners French course and learn the language of love, check out local night classes for a woodworking workshop and learn to build on the foundations of your relationship (okay, that last one was a stretch…) ;)

4. Make up your own handshake

Random? Yes. Kinda daggy? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely.

5. Start your own tradition

It could be as simple as buying a new Christmas ornament each year. Or spending the first Sunday of each month binge-watching Netflix. Or perhaps choose a separate day to February 14th to celebrate your relationship – it’ll be cheaper to buy roses or head out to dinner if that’s what you fancy

6. Make each other a ‘mixtape’

If you’re over 30 you probably remember either making (or receiving) a mix tape/CD for your crush back when you were a teen. While technology has moved on, we still love the idea of choosing a selection of songs to express how you feel.

Instead of a mix-tape or CD (because, seriously, no one has CD players anymore) make a custom playlist on Spotify or load up an iPod shuffle with your selection.

7. Cook something new together

If you love food as much as you love each other then this Bucket List option is for you. Choose a new cuisine you both want to try, go shopping for the ingredients, then cook up a storm. While you might not end up with a gastronomical masterpiece worthy of Masterchef, you’ll at least have fun together.

8. Go tech-free for a day

Lying next to each other in bed on your phones is a pretty common relationship trope these days (and look, we’re all guilty of it). But it’s hard to really connect with someone when you have a digital device in the other hand.

Make a pledge to switch off completely for the day. Head out to a favourite park, read the newspaper (the old school one printed on paper), walk, talk and just enjoy each other’s company without the invasive presence of a notification every five minutes.

9. Go on a road trip

Pick a new destination, pack the car and head off. You can go for the day and pack a picnic, or head somewhere for an overnight getaway. AirBnB is great for finding new and interesting places to visit.

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