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4 Ways To Finish Off The Year Strong

It's crazy to think that it's going to be 2018 in just under two months, that's 61 days to be precise.

With the new year in sight, now is your final opportunity to give yourself a new boost of energy and really make 2017 your year.

Get in early, build your momentum and give yourself a head start before the year comes to a close by finishing off the year strong. 

1. Set a short-term goal

Short-term goals can be achieved in a little over a month, why not set one or two new goals before the year comes to a close?

A couple of ideas to get you started:
- Cut back on unnecessary spending (you can do without that takeaway coffee)
- Go to four events to meet and network with people in your industry
- Email two people whose careers you admire to be your mentor

Remember to make sure the goal you set is specific, measurable and your reason for setting the goal is important to you. Just by writing these activities down, It'll make it easier to stick to your plans.

2. Look after your health

One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to reduce stress levels and minimise long work hours. Rather than waiting until 2018 to start living a happier, more balanced life, start today by pencilling in little chunks of time that you dedicate to prioritising your wellbeing and stick to it. 

3. Finish or start a new project

Use the deadline of December 31st to get motivated to finalise current projects you've been working on so you can start fresh in 2018.

Don't have something you're working on? Use this time to take the first step to get started on a side-hustle or idea that you've been putting off or delaying throughout the year because you were too busy.

4. Embrace the moment

Life can get a bit hectic, especially this time of year where everyone is just realising that the year is almost over. Take the time to pause and truly embrace the small victories and special moments in each day. 

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and you’ll enjoy them so much more with the satisfaction knowing that you ended the year with on a strong note.

Pack a punch into your last couple weeks at work or in your business and you’ll be able to approach 2018 with a renewed focus and a lot less catch-up work!

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